Flying with Icarus

Flying with Icarus

Flying with Icarus is a flying arcade style game for iOS and Android based on the famous myth of Icarus and his father Daedalus’s daring escape from King Minos’s Labyrinth.


“Flying with Icarus” was published by Ithacan Media in 2016 and is available for iOS and Android.

We teamed up with children’s book author Sofia Zarabouka as well as external developers and sound artists to create the game. As narrative designer I was responsible for the written content in the game’s UI as well as helping determine its overall structure and mechanics. We created twelve levels for the game, based on Greek islands of mythological significance where father and son could rest as they flew from the Labyrinth in Crete to their new home in Sicily. Each level featured its own unique visual style, obstacles, and bonus items.

After its initial release we updated the game to feature in-app purchases and localization into five languages.