Singing with the Winds

Singing with the Winds

The Winds were four gods with beautiful voices, and they loved to sing.

Play the ancient lyre and get carried away by the breezy voices of the Winds. Choose a season, follow the bubbles, and play along with melodies for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The winds will sing along, and if you're lucky, the Muse will join you. Share items with them to try out their different songs.


According to legend, the philosopher Pythagoras discovered the pentatonic scale. We used the pentatonic scale and the lyre—the ancient instrument, given by Hermes to Apollo, that has brought us lyric poetry—to create an easy-to-play music game.

“Singing with the Winds” was published by Ithacan Media in 2016 on iOS. I was a narrative designer and producer for the game, contributing UX and written content. We worked with children’s author Sofia Zarabouka, developers, and musicians to create a digital lyre that was fun to play and that sounded both pleasing to modern ears and faithful to current re-creations of the sounds of ancient Greek music.