I am a mobile game developer, narrative designer, and producer


I am a narrative designer and game developer


I have been designing and producing games for five years as part of Ithacan Media. Since 2017 I have also been developing games using the Unity game engine and C# programming language.

My educational background is in classics, and Greek mythology was what first led me into games. Interactive play has opened up previously unexplored possibilities for engaging with myths and mythology, in turn helping us come to understand the possibilities for adventure and meaning in our own lives. This was the idea that led us to start the Ithacan Mythologies line of games.

Before games, I worked in art publishing for New York area museums, including twelve years at the Guggenheim Museum, creating illustrated books on topics from ancient archaeology to contemporary art installations. I was also a screenwriting instructor for four years and have written for and consulted on multiple projects.




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